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Plant Engineering India

Design & detail engineering with advanced design engineering applications to avoid issues at execution level and to reduce project cost at  procurement level with proper standards and quantities, We are here to help you, using our expertise and deep understanding of the industry and technologies to deliver accurate calculations and drawings, intelligent 3d models, you’ll receive real solutions and experience true results.

Providing Engineering Support Even For International Customers As Below.




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MEP HVAC Design Services

Plant Engineering India offers HVAC design solutions Industrial & Residential Buildings which includes...Heat load calculations, Mechanical/HVAC designs and drawings, Zoning markups, Pressure drop and ventilation, calculations, Schematics - air flows, VAVs, piping, CHW, Pipework, ductwork, diffuser and plant room equipment layouts, BOM, & coordination's with site team for better efficiency of design output- Application-Revit Higher Version,
Complete intelligent 3d model development using Autodesk Revit


            Plant Engineering India offers Complete solutions for steel structure building / bridges, pipe racks supports, verity of staircases design with bolted and welded connections etc  complete package for design, analysis, detailed fabrication drawings

           We are experienced in doing modelling and detailing in using  Advanced tool sets using our experience and knowledge.


         Above is the example project we have done design for steel structure office with stairs  which includes even each bolted and welded connection analysis.

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Corporate Trainings & Projects Under Taking

We are basically tool and domain experts, in engineering, which will help clients to use the advanced software technologies. We are committed to improve customer efficiency.


Corporate Training On Revit MEP & Projects Execution

AutoCAD Revit -The Complete Guide

Autodesk Revit MEP is a building information modeling (BIM) software created by Autodesk for professionals who engage in MEP engineering. MEP stands for Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing,

Corporate Training On AutoCAD Plant 3D & Projects Execution

Complete Guide Autodesk Plant 3D

This course gives you a solid understanding of AutoCAD Plant 3D features including creating an orthographic or isometric drawing, using report creator and more

BIM Consultancy

Consultancy On BIM Projects

BIM (Building Information Modelling) is a process based solution to collaborative approach towards project coordination that is increasingly becoming indispensable for the AEC (Architecture, Engineering & Construction) industry.

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About Us

Our Company established in 2016

      Its basically project based engineering service company who provides various engineering services to clients to help them to build their future. Having wide knowledge of applicable standards like ASME BPE, ASME, DIN, IS, etc, We do civil & steel structure design & detail engineering, plant equipment design & detailing, plant & skid based 3d piping design & detail engineering, using advanced intelligent softwares to minimize errors.

     We execute all project with proper project planning, sharing design basis reports, tracking & generating project progress reports to ensure customer that project is on track, We follow culture of creating productivity improvement ideas which we learn from the mistakes, that helps us to deliver quality engineering design, drawings & documents.

   We offer high quality and multi disciplinary design & detail engineering services, which includes basic engineering activities like P&ID development with process calculations and detail engineering activities. We have wide experience in doing 3d modeling of plant equipment, piping modelling, support modeling, duct modelling, cable tray modelling and detailing with help of advanced 3d software like Autodesk Revit, Autodesk Plant 3D, AutoCAD MEP, Bentley Open plant, MicroStation, etc. And respectively we support for even piping stress analysis, steel & civil structural analysis.

We are preparing ourselves to support for BIM services interacting with live international projects and certification.

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Beer Brewery Machine
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Plant Piping, Equipment                                 Design &  Detail Engineering Services

What You Need

  • Basic engineering services and detail engineering services.

  • Process and instrumentation diagrams development. 

  • Preparation process related calculations, ex: pipe line sizing, calculations for pumps etc.

  • Preparation of proposal layouts

  • Preparation plot plant

  • Preparation of all mechanical, civil equipment and layout drawings

  • Preparation of detailed fabrication drawings.

  • Preparation of Equipment  general arrangement & fabrication drawings.

  • Preparation of equipment data sheets.

  • Preparation of line list, valve list, document list etc.

  • Preparation all calculation sheet and design basis reports.

  • Preparation of specialty equipment ga & fabrication drawings.

  • Design validation.

  • Detailed piping general arrangement drawings with all required sections.

  • Design of static and pressure vessels with detailed fabrication drawings.

  • Preparation of 3d civil with rebar structure arrangements inside columns, beams & for floors, 3d piping, ducting cable tray, ducting, lighting, supports design.

  • Preparation basic support design calculation to avoid under & over design.

  • Preparation of piping IBR & non IBR isometrics.

  • Preparation of piping, ducting, cable tray, steel & civil structure bill of material.

  • Preparation of supports general arrangement drawings and

  •  Preparation of pipe supports fabrication drawings with foundation design.

  • Design & detailing of pipe racks.

  • Feasibility analysis for steel & civil structure

  • Fire Sprinkler & Alarm Design & Detailing

  • Fire Fighting System Design And Detailing

  • Preparation of clash check reports using.

  • As-built drawings ( Implementing SCAN TO BIM )

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Civil Engineer Surveying

Civil & Architecture Design & Detail Engineering Services

You may need a structural engineer when carrying out a renovation or making changes to plant that could affect the stability of your property. ... Essentially, any project that alters the structure of the building or requires building control approval will require the expertise of a structural engineer.

  • Design of RCC & steel structures for industrial & residential

  • Design of  pre engineering building (PEB)

  • Design of structural evaluation of existing building with NDT tests, feasibility study reports and BOQ

  • Retrofit projects for strengthening of existing building.

  • Inspection & evaluation of existing building / factory

  • Civil & steel design calculations.

  • New design dimensions / fit / functional applied to product metrics

  • General building layout drawings.

  • Drain layout drawings.

  • Plot plan, equipment layout, foundation layouts.

  • Validation existing building / drain layout

  • Complete design & analysis of buildings

  • Includes concrete & steel structures

  • Revamp engineering

  • Industrial Steel and RCC Structures

  • Connection Designs

  • Lattice Structures

  • All Types Foundation Design

  • Earth Retaining Structure Design

  • Blast resistant structure design

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Engineer_ Technician Working on a Personal Computer with Two Displays, He's Designing New
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Civil Engineer at the construction site
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 Design Of Skid Based Systems                     Steel Base Frame, Includes     Piping, Tubing   Equipment, Trays, etc

           Our team being expert in utilizing advanced design applications we can provide solutions for plant & skid based piping designs systems  ex. CIP, Pasturizer, Yeast skid etc. utilizing Autodesk applications

           We will customize all piping, fittings, tubing and related piping components and propose the best piping design.

We have executed many skid based systems and given given complete satisfaction delivering accurate 3s models, and detailed fabrication drawings ex. skid base fabrication drawings with proper welding details for each sections joint, skid equipment position drawings, cable tray position drawings, spool/isometric drawings with proper bom with dimensional and material standards

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Bridge design-3_ml_resize_x6.jpg
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Complete Solution For Steel Structure Design & Detailing

           Our team being expert in utilizing advanced design applications we can provide complete solutions for steel structure design & detailing.

           Our team strength is in understanding exact design and construction requirements as per site conditions with International Standards, Codes Applicable for retrofit or new constructions.

           We do design and detailing for steel structure building, staircase, skids structure, steel connecting bridges, steel pipe racks which includes bolted and welded connections and will optimize the design to reduce the overall weight & cost of the job saving money, risk and time as well.

Executed Global country Projects for  List As Below.




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