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Ductwork Modeling & Fabrication by Using Autodesk Revit MEP

MEP engineers working on complex ductwork networks are many a time confronted with design coordination challenges and resultant inaccuracies. These arise largely because of the inability to visualise the entire duct network. Poorly communicated, incomplete or non-self-explanatory ductwork design and fabrication details can potentially cause delays in on-site and off-site fabrication processes.

Revit MEP supported fabrication tools serve as the perfect platform for stakeholders across disciplines to design, estimate and manufacture ductwork in a seamless and cost effective manner. Detailed and design intended Revit MEP models ease the generation of shop drawings to facilitate smooth installation of complex ductwork. These fabrication tools further enhance accuracy and improve collaboration between multiple MEP stakeholders including designers, engineers, manufacturers, contractors and installers.

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